Privacy Statement

There are multiple sections in this Statement. Please read them all before you continue to use this website.


This Privacy Statement describes how we treat your personal data that may be collected when visiting this website. All visitors to this website (‘you’) should be aware that we may process their personal information. The application of this Privacy Statement is limited only to this website and not for data processing that may occur on other services or websites, regardless of whether they are provided by the owner of this website or someone else.

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This Privacy Statement may be modified when required. Essential modifications contain changes that, when applied, may affect your rights and obligations. If essential updates or modifications occur, you will be properly notified in advance so that you can take the time to review the changes before the updates are enforced. Nonetheless, when we make minor modifications to this Privacy Statement, this will not have any influence on your rights or obligations. Minor modifications may include, but are not limited to, organisational and grammatical changes to this Privacy Statement to make it easier to read.

This Privacy Statement is effective from 25th May 2018.

Personal Data We Process

There are two main types of personal data that we may process when you visit our website:

  • Data of your interaction with our partnered websites
  • Personal electronic identification data

We will collect data about your private habits in connection with your interactions with websites other than this one, namely whether you have visited any of our partner’s websites and if you registered on any of them . We may also process information related to gambling activities that you took on pages controlled by online gambling service providers that we cooperate with.This information is processed on an aggregated level (together with similar information gathered from other users) and it cannot be linked to your identity.

Electronic identification data includes the processing of information such asthe operating system you are currently using,the date and time you access the website,unique device identifiers,your approximate location,the amount of time spent on every web page andthe IP address you are visiting our website from.

Purpose of Processing

We may process your personal data to some extent if you decide to visit our website:

  • Data: Browser type and version you use. Purpose: website optimisation and adequate preview.
  • Data: Operating system you use. Purpose: website optimisation and adequate preview.
  • Data: Your IP address and approximate location from which you access the website. Purpose: Presenting the relevant igaming content (language, legality of certain games), website security.
  • Data: Date and time you access the website, the amount of time spent on every web page. Purpose: website improvement.
  • Data: Your email address if you respond to surveys or approach to our support team. Purpose: Answering your queries.
  • Data: Your activity on websites of our business partners. Purpose: Reporting, statistics, revenue.
  • Data: Your email address if you subscribe to a newsletter. Purpose: Marketing communication.
  • Data: the device type you are accessing our website from, the unique device identifier. Purpose: traffic statistics and content optimisation.

Our Use of Cookies

The use of cookies enables us to improve site functionalities, promote our products and provide content from third parties.To process this data, cookies and similar technologies are used.For further information about how we use cookies, please read our Cookie Policy.

Your Rights Relating to Data Protection

The European Union has a specific set of regulations for how companies should process personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR).Your rights regarding personal data are defined by GDPR. You can:

  • Request access to your personal data.


  • Perform correction of your personal data.


  • Ensure your personal data is portable.


  • Limit our use and processing of your personal data.


  • Withdraw previously given consent to data processing.


  • Enforce deletion of data.


  • Make an objection to how we process or use data.


  • Lodge a complaint.

If you feel that your personal data rights have been breached or in the event you have any questions or doubts regarding the processing of your personal data on this website, or if you want to send us a request concerning your rights you can contact us onAs we are established in Denmark, you may choose to contact the Danish Data Protection Agency:Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, DK-1300 Copenhagen K.

Data Subject and Data Controller

Whenever your personal data is processed (e.g. collected, used, stored) you are considered as being a data subject, under the relevant data protection laws, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Being a data subject grants you certain rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

According to the GDPR, a data controller is the entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data. Taking into account that we have control over your personal data (we define the purpose and means of data processing), we are to be considered as data controllers. Being a data controller provides us with the opportunity to process your personal data, but also obligates us to protect it in the way regulated by the relevant data protection legislation.

Lawful Basis

We rely on our legitimate interest as grounds for processing your personal datasince it may be necessary in order tomake sure the contents of our website are safely protected. Processing personal data can enable us to provide a means of communication , estimate the effectiveness of available advertising , protect our visitors and us from any problems with our services , to personalise your experience and develop and further improve our products . Newsletters, as well as other notifications, will require your explicit consent.

Data Protection

We do not engage in excessive data collection.We keep your data up to dateand securely stored.Please note that we will use the information until the purpose of processing is met.


We ensure the protection of your personal data by taking necessary organisational and technical steps againstunauthorised disclosure or access,accidental loss,theftand unlawful and/or unauthorised data processing.These limitations are governed by business demand and security requirements.We apply different levels of access control to your data.Access to your personal data is only available to trained and authorised personneland only if this is reasonably necessary for them to complete assigned work tasks.

Sharing Your Data

We may share your data with third parties.In regard of performing mutually agreed-upon tasks, they can process the required personal data.The purpose of processing data, the means by which it will be carried out and the selection of data for processing remain our exclusive rights.By ‘third parties’ we refer toentities who help us to regularly provide and further develop our services (e.g. analytics, maintenance, marketing, development).
Regardless of this, we will share your data with:

  • Members of the Better Collective Group, which includes Better Collective A/S and its’ subsidiaries,


  • Public authorities and law enforcement agencies where we are legally required to do so


Transfer of Your Data to Third Countries

We may need to transfer your personal data to a recipient registered in a third country located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)for reasons of improving our products or providing our services.We take all measures in relation to the recipients of your personal data, guaranteeingthat your data is protected as suggested by the GDPR and other laws for data protection that apply.


Below is an overview of recipients (countries outside of the EEA) that we may transfer your data to:

  • A recipient based in a country that the European Commission considers to have an adequate level of data protection. You may find out more about countries with an adequate level of protection here.
  • A recipient based in the US, whereby we aim to transfer your data in the way set out by the Privacy Shield mechanism. The Privacy Shield mechanism is explained here.
  • A recipient in a country that, according to the European Commission, does not have an adequate level of data protection. When this is the case, we will conclude Data Protection Agreements that will include Standard Contractual Clauses issued by the European Commission. These Agreements would obligate the data recipient to provide an adequate level of protection and implement appropriate safeguards, as defined by the applicable European Data Protection laws.